Yesterday evening I collected a thermos filled with soup from my wife along with some fresh bread she had baked and took the boys to the field for soccer. I parked in the shade of the tall elm and stretched out across the bench seat of the 49 year old Ford and watched the older two boys running with friends while the youngest squashed tangerines and played with the dog in the bed. It had been a miserably hot afternoon, but the sun was starting to set and there was a cool breeze blowing off of the river at the far edge of the park and the windows were down and a dragonfly had caught himself in the cab. I sat there for 2 hours, reading and writing and letting my brain empty from the day.

The drive home follows the water for a few miles and the sun was caught below the tree line and a fog had started to grow along the banks. I came to an intersection and across was an old man in an equally old truck. He was there before me but waved us through and i’ve never seen such a young grin on an old face.